Oversize Antique Persian Baktiari Rug - CU-1129 - Lavender Oriental Carpets View Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Oversize Antique Persian Baktiari Rug

CU-1129 - Oversize Antique Persian Baktiari Rug

14ft X 14ft 06in

Baktiari Rugs

Circa: 1900

The Baktiari area (Chahar Mahal), in central Persia near Isfahan, produces both village and nomadic carpets with bright colors, allover lattice patterns and sturdy constructions. Antique carpets have been woven there since the 19th century. Originally the patterns were adapted from classical Persian carpets, but rapidly evolved into a truly unique style of rustic carpets. Square room sizes are popular and carpets up to 30 feet long are woven. The best qualities were made for the Baktiari tribal leaders or khans. The wool is excellent and derives from local tribal sheep, resilient and elastic. The colors are vibrant and saturated.

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