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Oushak Antique Rugs

Oushak rugs are still the first choice of professional interior designers. Light colored Oushaks are among the most popular oriental carpets, known for the high quality of their wool, their beautiful patterns and warm colors will complement any interior.

These luxury Oushak rugs are suitable for a wide variety of places, but the significant effect of this beautiful area rug is that they bring space together, making it cozy and warm. The rug itself is perfectly designed with symmetrical patterns that add depth and beauty.

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Newest Addition : Organic Line

Our Luxurious Organic Rug collection is characterized by simple everyday elegance with its spontaneity. We call this our organic line because from sheep to carpets, all processes are organic and natural. Sheep are sheared by hand, and the undyed natural wool is initially separated by color into beige, cream, bluish gray, anthracite and brown. All woolen yarns in our organic line are hand-spun for both fleece and weft. This is a dream line for interior designers who are looking to impress their clients with luxury area rugs.





About us

We are a diverse and ever changing Luxury Rug Boutique Warehouse located in the heart of New York City. Our boutique rug warehouse carries a variety of collections that include Antique, Vintage, Modern and Contemporary luxurious Rugs, as well as Tapestries and Textiles. Our relationship with artisans and sources around the globe allows us to constantly keep searching for not only artistic and trendy floor pieces, but also those one-of-a-kind rugs every interior designer and home decorator dream of showing their clients. We can also create custom rugs to your size and specification. We also offer, installation, repair, rental, cleaning and restoration service for rugs

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Let us do the hard work!

Are you an interior designer, architect, or dealer? Let us provide you luxurious rugs for your clients! We have years of experience working with Interior Designers, Architects, and Home Decorators that can vouch working with us is a pleasant experience because we go above and beyond to find that right rug piece for them, We listen carefully to your needs so we can provide you with the best rug options. By the way, did you know we can create custom pieces in both size and colorways for your clients?

We can! So, let’s work together. Contact us with any inquiries. No worries if you do not have a project in mind now, send us a Hello and let’s chat on how we can help you in the near future.



Made Specially for You

Our new contemporary rugs can be made in your custom specifications, just let us know what you are looking for if you do not see on our site and we will let you know, what we can do for you, to help you get that right piece for that special area.

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