Antique Persian Kerman Rug - U-2434 - Lavender Oriental Carpets View Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Antique Persian  Kerman Rug

U-2434 - Antique Persian Kerman Rug

13ft X 20ft

Kerman - Kirman Rugs

Circa: 1880

Kirmans of the late 19th century are thin fine rugs with most often overall repeat pattern. Here a subtly colored diagonal lozenge lattice encloses floral medallions. There is no distinct filed color but rather a harmony of rust honey cream brown and various blues. There is no main wide border but as is often the case with Kirmans of this period they have multiple stripes, the widest in ivory with vines and small palmettes. Light blue so popular with Kirman weavers here appear in two narrow borders. This Kirman is the perfect carpet for those seeking a period look.

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