Authentic Antique Tapestries & Textiles by Lavender Oriental Carpets

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Lavender Oriental Carpets offers Stylish Antique Tapestries & textiles. Our collection consists of French Tapestries, Flemish Tapestries and Belgian Tapestries. Tapestries were the symbol of aristocracy and nobility in the medieval period. We pride ourselves as one of the top providers of authentic antique tapestries. Visit our collection & order exclusive Antique Tapestries.

U-1419 - Oversize Antique French Aubusson Rug

( 21ft X 32ft )

CU-916 - Flemish 17th Century Verdure Tapestry

( 15ft 03in X 9ft 02in )

Z139 - Beauvais 17th Century Tapestry

( 14ft 07in X 9ft 07in )

Z0015 - French Aubusson Circa 1780 Tapestry

( 13ft 06in X 11ft 05in )

CU-1166 - Brussels 18th Century Tapestry Teniers, Marché Poissons

( 12ft 06in X 8ft 06in )

CU-1105 - Antique Flemish Tapestry

( 12ft 06in X 10ft 06in )

U-2268 - Flemish Verdure 18th Century

( 12ft 02in X 9ft 06in )

D263 - Oversize English Needlepoint Rug

( 11ft 06in X 20ft )

CU-1038 - Antique French Aubusson Rug

( 11ft 02in X 15ft 06in )

CU-605 - Audenarde 16th Century Tapestry

( 10ft 08in X 11ft 04in )

CU-608 - Brussels Bacchanale 18th Century Tapestry

( 10ft 06in X 7ft 04in )

ZZ11 - Brussels 18th Century Tapestry

( 10ft 04in X 9ft )

CU-607 - Brussels Late 17th Century Tapestry

( 10ft 03in X 7ft 06in )

CU-1162 - Brussels Tapestry

( 9ft 10in X 7ft 10in )

CU-247-775 - Antique Suzani Ebroidery Textile

( 9ft 08in X 12ft 03in )

CU-631 - French 19th Century Tapestry

( 9ft 07in X 7ft 04in )

U-1362 - Brussels Late 17th Century , Asia from a Four Continents Series

( 9ft 04in X 18ft )

U-2111 - French Landscape Tapestry probably Beauvais

( 9ft 03in X 7ft 03in )

CU-1163 - Brussels 18th Century

( 8ft 10in X 9ft 09in )

C-475 - Vintage Needlepoint Rug

( 8ft 09in X 5ft 05in )

CU-615A - Brussels Late 17th Century

( 8ft 07in X 6ft 06in )

U-1733 - Antique French Aubusson Rug

( 8ft 06in X 11ft 09in )

CU-611 - Flemish Feuilles De Choux Tapestry

( 8ft 03in X 10ft 08in )

U-1968 - Antique French Aubusson Rug

( 8ft X 9ft )
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