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Vintage Lightly Distressed Heriz Rug - U-4443 - Lavender Oriental CarpetsView Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Vintage Lightly Distressed Heriz Rug

U-4443 - Vintage Lightly Distressed Heriz Rug

8ft 07in X 11ft 03in

Heriz-Serapi Rugs

Circa: 1920

A lightly distressed vintage Heriz. the rug has a solid foundation and will stand up to the rigors of normal daily use. As perpetually fashionable as they are collectible, traditional Heriz rugs are skillfully woven with geometric designs. The soft coloration coupled with the with low pile that adds the patina so special in antique & vintage rugs creates a special and very attractive rug. Colors: pale faded blue/blush -

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