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Simplicity Polo Minky Taupe
Full Rug
Full Rug

N-4610-U-4610 - Simplicity Polo Minky Taupe

9ft X 12ft

Simplicity Comfort-Polo Collection

Circa: New

We call this our “Simplicity” Line, but a closer look reveals that it is not so simple. Yes, we have eliminated borders, yes the pattern is infinite, yes it is purely geometric. But no, it is not a simple creation at all. The basic layout is a gridwork of single- and double-lines crossing singles, to make squares and rectangles. But each line or panel is its own little abrash technique. The weavers have worked dozens of related colors into each square inch. Nothing repeats exactly. Blues, greys, browns, beiges, straws, creams are all in harmony in the blend of viscose and wool pile on cotton foundations. There are hundreds of colors, dashed, broken, blurred, mixed. The rug is a kind of fractal, with each area, no matter how small, containing variations within, which, in turn, bear smaller variations which, in turn bear still smaller ones… etc. A subtle and random pile relief effect has been added: some lines are raised, some adjacent color areas are lower, but there is no plan. Not really simple at all. How about comfort? Comfortable to the eyes and touch, to the soul with nothing strident or demanding. Your soul does not have to work hard, or even work at all, to be comfortable. The rug envelops you in comfort and not every rug can do that. The Simplicity Comfort line combines intellectual and artistic complexity with soul-soothing comfort and easy access, without being blah and featureless. What we have done is to remove the extraneities of border/field, medallion and corners, repeats and allovers, in favor of a tactile texture, ever-varying facture and a simple visual complexity. What? The weavers picked up multitoned yarns, tied a knot or two, then picked up another strand, and so on. They worked with scrambled baskets of yarns, each yarn abrashed. Here the abrash (natural color variation) is not from one color expanse to another, but within each yarn. The weavers could have been proceeding blindfolded. The effect resembles that of artisanal paper with visible chain and laid lines, but with a deeper surface and greater variety of basic tones. An infinite variety. We dare you to find how many colors there are. No two Simplicity carpets are alike, but we can offer them in standard 8' x 10', 9' x 12', and 10' x 14', and several basic colorways.
A wool & viscose blend of variable medium height pile, medium weave.
Special orders and custom sizes are always accepted.

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