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Organic Night Contemporary Rug

N-3528-U-3528N - Organic Night Contemporary Rug

11ft 10in X 14ft 09in

Organic Collection

Circa: new

The Organic collection has a simple casual elegance with its directness, lack of fussiness and stripped-down palette working with most decors. We call this our Organic Line because from sheep to rug, all the processes are organic and natural. The sheep are hand sheared and the natural undyed wool is separated initially by color into beiges, creams, taupes, charcoal and brown. All the wool yarn in our organic line is handspun, both for the pile and for the weft. The various shades are then compared and selected for the weavers to hand knot. The nature and look of these rugs are timeless and work well in most settings.
Available in standard sizes or can be custom made to fit any room.

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