Large Bessarabian Kilim Gallery Size Rug - CU-965 - Lavender Oriental Carpets View Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Large Bessarabian Kilim Gallery Size Rug
Full Rug

CU-965 - Large Bessarabian Kilim Gallery Size Rug

6ft 08in X 14ft 04in

Bessarabian Rugs

Circa: 1960

Vintage handwoven Bessarabian Kilim with an ornate design in soft red and gold on a black ground. The antique & vintage carpets of Bessarabia are almost all flatwoven with profuse, semi-French patterns, and woven in southern Russia, originally for an affluent domestic market. Designs of floral bouquets and vases, often on desirable black grounds, are popular on 19th century carpets, often in large, square sizes. A few are pile woven, however. The designs still feel contemporary even though they employ traditional elements. Although the original market was the Russian nobility, now everyone can enjoy their exotic yet European flair.

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