Large Antique Indian Agra Rug - D332 - Lavender Oriental CarpetsView Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Large Antique Indian Agra Rug

D332 - Large Antique Indian Agra Rug

11ft 08in X 15ft

Agra-Amritsar Rugs

Circa: 1880

During much of the history of the Mongol Empire, Agra was its capital city. Architects and artisans, including many carpet weavers, were brought here from all over the Muslim world to enhance the city’s beauty. The remarkable architecture of Agra still exists today, along with a treasury of wonderful carpets woven by the skilled artisans of this ancient city. In the late 19th Century the majority of carpet weaving took place within the jails with the long-term prisoners being used for this activity.

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