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Flemish Verdure 18th Century

U-2268 - Flemish Verdure 18th Century

12ft 02in X 9ft 06in


Circa: 1720

This antique Flemish tapestry, probably from Brussels is a pure verdure, no humans, just one bird and no animals disturb the sylvan tranquilly. In the foreground is a fine and lush still life of vines and bushes diagonally divided by a rushing brook. The mature gnarled oak trees are in full summer leaf their brown rough trunks contrasting with lush green foliage. The leaves are realistically depicted and give a feel of life and growth in the lowest level of the forest. The trunks bend and sway allowing sunlight to filter through. The lightest leaves are in the foreground implying a light source alone and behind the viewer. Atmospheric perspective softens and blurs more distant vistas. The border is a dense convex picture frame trompe l'oeil. Measures: 9.06 high x 12.02 wide.

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