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Flemish Feuilles De Choux Tapestry

CU-611 - Flemish Feuilles De Choux Tapestry

8ft 03in X 10ft 08in


Circa: 1580

Flemish Feuilles De Choux Tapestry Oudenarde Circa 1580 The origins of the drawing of Feuilles de Choux remain a mystery. However a number of scholars feel they were inspired by the Dutch painter Jerome Bosch 1460-1516 who influenced that whole era of medieval Flemish painters and master weavers. The surreal atmosphere created in the picture of a forest inhabited by not only the familiar but unfamiliar and mythical creatures such as the unicorn together with luxuriant vegetation and profusion of leaves and vines create a certain ambiance of peaceful madness. Framed by a beautiful balustrade supported by two columns formed by cannon stands held by fawns with feline bodies and surrounded by gracious caryatide all go to create a mysterious balance and sustain the surreal feeling. Examples of similar pieces are in the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Kunstgeweb Museum in Berlin 8ft.03in wide x 10ft.08in high SOLD

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