Contemporary Abstract Collection Rug - N-3922-U-3922 - Lavender Oriental Carpets View Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Contemporary Abstract Collection Rug

N-3922-U-3922 - Contemporary Abstract Collection Rug

12ft X 15ft

Contemporary Abstract Collection

Circa: New

Carpet weaving has expanded far beyond the usual Oriental rug patterns, field/border distinction, materials, and saturated colors. Indian weavers have taken the lead in using viscose silk for accents and larger tonal areas. The contrast between wholly matte wool and abrashed (natural color variation) tonally mixed viscose silk is something entirely innovative unlike the obvious wool-cotton-silk contrasts on traditional carpets. Light, light, light is a basic trend. The color flows have an almost amoebic character, helped by the carving separating the individual tones. The abstract pattern makes it entirely suitable for the most contempo décor and it even works with eclectic mixes of the alarmingly new and the bold traditional.
Available in standard sizes or can be custom made.

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