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Classic Style Oushak Rug

D1218 - Classic Style Oushak Rug

9ft 04in X 13ft

Oushak Collection One Of a Kind

Circa: New

A recreation of a classic Oushak rug using the finest of material and hand woven in India by true craftsmen. The five column allover pattern is the “Harshang” or crab design with ragged palmettes, layered rough hexagons, cogwheel rosettes and other quasi-vegetal elements. The accents include: cream, rust, pale green and straw. The cream ecru main border features an erratic broken tendril with rough acanthus and equally rough palmettes. This carpet faithfully recreates the highly desirable Oushaks of around 1900 which, in turn developed the designs of contemporaneous Persian Heriz/Bakshayesh carpets. The somewhat softer palette is also found on earlier pieces. Colors: blues/grays/ivory.

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