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Brussels Tapestry
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CU-1162 - Brussels Tapestry

9ft 10in X 7ft 10in


Circa: Mid 17th Century

The scene is martial with an advancing company with a forest of uplifted vertical lances centrally placed. Further companies appear to the right. In the foreground is an overturned cup, a sack of grain, helmets and what could be a shield or a rug. Burning structures dot the rear ground. There is no cartouche or other descriptive panel hence the identification of the scene is not exact. The classical amour of the soldiers is usual for the time. It may be part of a History of Joshua or a scene from Roman history or legend. It is likely not from the Trojan wars. The forest of vertical spears is a common mid-17th century Brussels design trope and indicates an army of inestimably large size. The border is a contrast of many Brussels borders of the mid – third quarter of the 16th century and has no direct reference to the enclosed scene. -9'10 wide x 7'10-

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