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Antique Persian Tehran  Rug

CU-1131 - Antique Persian Tehran Rug

11ft 05in X 23ft 11in

Tehran Rugs

Circa: 1900

The Zil-i-Sultan (Shadow of the Sultan) design is a nineteenth century Persian all over pattern of repeating vases, birds, flowers, bouquets and other decorative small elements.Not all Zil-i-Sultan employ all the motives , however the pattern seems to derive from textiles probably European printed or brocade from mid-19th century.-The pattern was popular in several Persian rug weaving centers , Feraghan, Malayer, Kirman and Tehran and in more tribal renditions Abadeh rugs from south Persia.-Backgrounds are all ways ivory beige or off white.-The pattern is related to other contemporary designs derived from Kashmir shawl textiles.-The term Zil-i-Sultan literary means shadow of the Sultan .-The crown prince or other heir apparent to the Shah ,it is generally ,but erroneously believed that Crown Prince Nasir a din Shah was responsible for its creation ,more likely the pattern was suitably aristocratic and associated with members of the ruling family.-The pattern was popular from the 1860’s to 1920’s rugs with the Zil-i-Sultan design finely woven and-with excellent wool and finish.-They are almost all in sizes 4'x6', with a few larger rugs including this example, which is an extraordinary approx. 11'x 24', the rug is clearly a custom order for a most discerning client -

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