Antique Persian Tabriz Rug - CU-1078 - Lavender Oriental Carpets View Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Antique Persian Tabriz Rug

CU-1078 - Antique Persian Tabriz Rug

10ft 09in X 15ft 06in

Tabriz Rugs

Circa: 1900

A small pattern version of the ever-popular harshang (crab) design of various styles of palmettes, rosettes and leaves closely covers the light blue ground of this finely woven urban Tabriz carpet from northwest Persia. The brown palmettes delineate five vertical design axes. The pattern is truly allover and non-directional. The soft buff main border main border displays a further variety of palmettes and other floral elements. This carpet is highly decorative and may be equally well viewed from any direction. There is a particularly subtle shaping to the blue ground: it is actually elliptical when set within an oatmeal surround into which the pattern continues unaltered. The dense allover pattern has the effect of a giant textile for the floor. Furniture and decorations may be placed effectively anywhere without deferring to a medallion or other dominant motif. The overall effect is mellow, restrained and beautiful in an understated way.

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