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Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug

U-2596 - Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug

11ft X 14ft 01in

Heriz-Serapi Rugs

Circa: 1890

The ivory field is almost entirely covered by a stepped, strongly abrashed taupe subfield enclosing a bold grey stretched hexagonal medallion with vertical and horizontal pendants. The secondary motives are almost totally abstract in drawing with long, snake-like ribbons the most prominent. Palmettes are stylized, vines straightened, flowers geometricized, and the corner devices are almost totally triangular. The sub-medallion is somewhat more delicately drawn, with thin, angular vines edging and penetrating the lozenge shape. The old gold to taupe border has an in-and-out turtle palmette design abstracted and simplified to its very essentials. Serapi carpets are a quality designation for Heriz pieces of a firmer weave, shorter pile and heavier texture. There is no village of Serapi among the thirty-odd towns in the Heriz weaving district. Rather, Serapi quality carpets were made anywhere during the 1885 to 1910 period in the locale. The simplicity and striking character of these carpets, along with their basic two dimensional flat patterning and primary colors has made then almost like room sized Kazaks and they have always been popular in the company of Caucasian scatter rugs. The overall tonality of this highly decorative carpet instead verges on the neutral and as a result it works in almost any furnishing context.

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