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Antique Persian Fereghan Rug

U-2279 - Antique Persian Fereghan Rug

9ft X 11ft 11in

Circa: 1880

Instead of the classic and popular Herati motif this Fereghan carpet employs a lattice enclosing an ivory petalled flower. This is a Gol-Hennai pattern. The pattern is not perfectly balanced top to bottom of left to right indicating a village household enterprise. Each house had a couple of looms (at most) and the women of the family (and their friends if need be) wove carpets for the local tastes on order. This attractive piece in a western room size was one of them. The green border of rosettes and flower sprays is also not standard. The turtle border has been replaced by a much less common pattern. The pile is still short and the rug is quite thin and flexible. The heavy firmer Sarouk is still in the future. The rich indigo of the field is particularly noteworthy in Fereghan carpets.

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