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CU-1462 - Antique Distressed Sultanabad Rug

6ft 10in X 10ft 04in

Sultanabad-Mahal-Ziegler Rugs

Circa: 1900

A distressed carpet is not an abused one, but one that has been artfully recreated to follow current decorating style trends. The term distressed describes a rug where areas of the rug show the warp and has or is low all over. However the rug has a solid foundation and will stand up to the rigors of normal daily use.

Vacuum your rug frequently and use a vacuum which uses suction and does not have bristles. If possible, set vacuum to low power setting and vacuum the rug up and down and do not use a back-and-forth motion.

If possible, rotate the rug every few years to allow foot traffic to be spread evenly and shade the rug from direct sunlight to avoid fading in areas.

A rug pad is recommended on all surfaces to prevent slipping and stop marking if on floors with grooves or lines. Professional cleaning is recommended every two or three years.

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