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Antique Distressed Soumac Rug
Full Rug

U-3120 - Antique Distressed Soumac Rug

6ft 07in X 8ft 07in

Soumac Rugs

Circa: 1890

The soft red madder field displays four longitudinally extended, flattened gul-like medallions detailed in ivory and medium-dark blue. Each medallion is internally ornamented with geometric sawtooth leaves and various hooked devices. Half medallions appear at the edges of the field and pale yellow boxes separate the main motives. Volute knots, color sampler rosettes and other small formal devices float in the field. The main ivory border is decorated by a polychrome ashik chain and is flanked by blue-green rosette pattern guards. The whole is surrounded by a black/red reciprocal running dog outermost stripe. The relatively coarse weave indicates a Kazak origin rather than one from the Kuba district to the northeast.

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