Antique Caucasian Zileh Flat Weave Rug - U-1712 - Lavender Oriental CarpetsView Rug - Lavender Oriental Carpets
Antique Caucasian Zileh Flat Weave Rug

U-1712 - Antique Caucasian Zileh Flat Weave Rug

7ft 02in X 9ft 10in

Kilims-Dhurries-Flatweaves Rugs

Circa: 1900

This is an unusual flat woven carpet from the Caucasus with a repeating pattern of S-shaped dragons alternating in ivory and dark blue. The dragons possess vestigial double heads and long tails with a body pattern of simplified bird shapes. The comb edging of the dragons is a stylization of their scaly skins. The design is executed in Soumac stitch on a red ground weave, giving a crisp delineation to the elements. As is the case with most Zilehs, the piece is woven in two sections and joined up the middle. This carpet may be used as a striking wall decoration or on the floor. The pattern is beyond bold, with a wild and tribal, untrammeled appearance. The white is cotton and all the other colors are wool, giving a particularly eye catching effect.

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