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Tips for Buying an Oriental Rug – Part 1: The Talk of the Trade

You will be more prepared to purchase an oriental rug and appreciate the artistry that goes into every oriental rug with the more you know about oriental rugs.

This multiple part series is designed to inform you in the major aspects of oriental rugs so that you are better prepared the next time you set out to acquire a new oriental rug.

The Talk of the Trade:

Warp – Vertical threads of yarn that extend throughout the entire length of the rug upon which the weaver ties knots.

Weft – Horizontal threads of yarn that are woven over and under the warps.

Pile – A rugs surface which is formed by the creation of knots in the foundation of the rug.  Rug pile has to do with the density of the rug fibers that are used to create the weave.

Pile Direction – The direction the pile lies as a result from being woven in one direction.

Field – The main portion of the rug that depicts the central medallion and other motifs that is surrounded by the border.

Medallion – A design found in the center of most oriental rugs.

Guard Stripes – Bands which surround the border and enhance its design.

Spandrels or Quarter Panels – Ornamental designs located in the corners of the field design.

Fringe – The excess warp threads extending from the end of the rug.

Don’t wait to start putting these terms to action, start browsing through Antique Oriental Rugs.

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