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RUG CATEGORY: runners gallery kelleh rugs

Lavender Oriental Carpets offers modern, vintage & antique Runner and Gallery Rugs. Our runner rug collection comes in various sizes.We have the resource to meet a variety of events or occasions. Visit our Collection and place your order. You can also take advantages of our Rug Rental Service on different occasions.

U-3905 - Antique Turkish Sivas Rug Runner

( 2ft 09in X 21ft 01in )

U-1127 - Choobi Rug

( 2ft 08in X 8ft 04in )

CU-1157 - Large Vintage Turkish Oushak Runner Rug

( 2ft 06in X 39ft 01in )

U-3214 - Vintage Turkish Oushak Runner Rug

( 2ft 06in X 12ft 02in )

PT1058 - Contemporary Runner Rug

( 2ft 06in X 10ft 01in )

CU-1397 - Antique Persian Lilihan Rug

( 2ft 06in X 24ft 04in )

U-1098 - Antique Turkish Oushak Runner Rug

( 2ft 04in X 16ft 09in )

U-3048 - Vintage Turkish Kilim Runner Rug

( 2ft 01in X 19ft 05in )

U-2714 - Extra Long Turkish Kilim Runner

( 2ft X 60ft )

U-3825 - Vintage Turkish Oushak Rug Runner

( 1ft 07in X 19ft 04in )
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