Antique Persian Rugs for Sale by Lavender Oriental Carpets

RUG CATEGORY: persian rugs

Iran (Persia) has been the centre for the evolution of rugs. Throughout history, Persian Rugs have dominated the demand of people with elegant design and quality. Lavender Oriental Carpets prides itself as one of the top collectors & distributors of Antique Persian Rugs. Our collection consists of exclusive Modern, Vintage & Antique Persian Rugs. There are variety of different styles. Choose from our vast collection & order your favorite Persian Rugs.

U-2075 - Antique Persian Bidjar Gallery Size Rug

( 6ft 06in X 13ft 08in )

U-2163 - Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rug

( 6ft 05in X 9ft 08in )

U-1616B - Antique Persian Karaja Rug

( 6ft 05in X 9ft )

U-3002 - Antique Distressed Persian Malayer Rug

( 6ft 05in X 15ft 08in )

U-3184 - Distressed Antique Persian Mahal Rug Runner

( 6ft 04in X 14ft 04in )

U-3914 - Antique Persian Malayer Rug Runner

( 6ft 03in X 12ft 06in )

U-3729 - Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug

( 6ft 02in X 9ft )

M1070 - Antique Persian Feraghan Rug

( 6ft 01in X 12ft 08in )

U-1972 - Antique Persian Malayer Gallery Size Rug

( 6ft X 12ft 10in )

U-3176 - Antique Persian Malayer Rug Runner

( 6ft X 12ft 10in )

CU-1228 - Antique Persian Qashgai Kilim Rug

( 5ft 11in X 10ft 02in )

U-3728 - Vintage Persian Kerman Rug

( 5ft 11in X 9ft 02in )

U-2295 - Antique Persian Kerman Rug

( 5ft 08in X 8ft 10in )

U-2104 - Antique Afshar Rug

( 5ft 07in X 9ft 09in )

U-3274 - Northwest Persian Flatwoven Cover (Jajim)

( 5ft 07in X 6ft 05in )

U-2278 - Antique Kurdish Rug

( 5ft 06in X 8ft 09in )

U-2598 - Antique Persian Malayer Rug

( 5ft 06in X 9ft 02in )

CU-595 - Antique Antique Turkish Jajim Shawl Textile

( 5ft 05in X 6ft 11in )

CU-1189 - Antique Persian Afshar Rug

( 5ft 03in X 7ft 04in )

CU-959 - Antique Qashgai Kilim Runner Rug

( 5ft 02in X 8ft 03in )

U-2242 - Vintage Persian Kerman Rug

( 5ft 01in X 8ft 10in )

U-3158 - Antique Distressed Persian Sultanabad Rug

( 5ft 01in X 6ft 11in )

Q790 - Antique Persian Malayer Rug

( 5ft X 9ft 06in )

U-1492 - Vintage Persian Kerman Rug

( 5ft X 8ft 09in )
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