Modern & Vintage Moroccan Style Rugs for Sale by Lavender Oriental Carpets

RUG CATEGORY: moroccan rugs

Moroccans have been weaving rugs for a long time. Earlier, their purpose for rugs was more as a necessary product rather than as a decorative accessory. Though the style and design and weave has evolved over times. Lavender Oriental Carpets presents elegant & exquisite collection of Antique & Vintage, Modern and Contemporary Moroccan Rugs. Order your favorite Rugs from our Moroccan Rug Collection.

KC1011 - XXKC-105 - Moroccan Fluffy Collection Rug

( 9ft 08in X 12ft )

KC1004 - XKC-101 - Moroccan Style Rug

( 8ft X 10ft )

KC1010 - XKC-107 - Moroccan Style Rug

( 8ft X 10ft )

CU-837 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 7ft 10in X 10ft )

CU-807 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 7ft X 9ft 10in )

A6906 - Moroccan Style Rug

( 6ft 08in X 10ft 03in )

CU-806 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 6ft 04in X 8ft 10in )

U-2079 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 6ft 02in X 10ft 07in )

U-3179 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 5ft 01in X 8ft 04in )

U-3178 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 4ft 09in X 9ft 03in )

U-4696 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 4ft 06in X 8ft 06in )

CU-809 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 4ft 05in X 9ft 04in )

U-3165 - Vintage Moroccan Rug

( 4ft 01in X 6ft 06in )
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