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RUG CATEGORY: modern rugs in classic styles

Lavender Oriental Carpets offer exquisite collection of Classic Modern Rugs from around the world. Modern design and technology revolutionized the production of rugs. Our collection contains diverse design, pattern, size and shape. We also meet custom requests for clients. Visit our store and choose your favourite Modern Classic Rugs.

D1215 - Oushak Style Rug

( 5ft 02in X 7ft 04in )

Q904 - Choobi Rug

( 4ft 05in X 5ft 05in )

Q507 - Sultanabad Style Rug

( 4ft 03in X 6ft 09in )

D1217 - Oushak Runner

( 4ft X 8ft 10in )

D1228 - Oushak Style Rug

( 3ft 11in X 4ft 09in )

D1208 - Oushak Style Runner Rug

( 3ft X 17ft 03in )

D1220 - Oushak Style Runner

( 2ft 09in X 8ft )

U-1127 - Choobi Rug

( 2ft 08in X 8ft 04in )

IKB-348 - Creative Collection - Spanish Rug

( X )
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