19th Century Antique Tibetan Dragon Carpets - Lavender Oriental Carpets

19th Century Antique Tibetan Dragon Carpets

It’s very rare to see this type of work – it’s a specialty.
Dragons are one of the more popular designs on antique Tibetan carpets, as the Dragon is a good luck symbol in Tibetan folklore – Tibetans consider the Dragon to be a benevolent being, bringing goodwill to mankind. This is in sharp contrast to the way ancient Western culture portrays the Dragon – in George and the Dragon, for example.
Dragons on Tibetan rugs usually take the form of a Thunder Dragon, or more rarely, a Wood Dragon. Thunder Dragons are often seen on Tibetan carpets with clouds denoting their passage through the sky. They are called Thunder Dragons due to the noise they make as they pass through the heavens. Lighting may also be seen on a Tibetan carpet featuring a Thunder Dragon
The Thunder Dragons of Ancient Tibetan Carpets aren’t mere flying creatures. They also rule the seas and hold dominion over the rain. The Tibetan word for Dragon is ‘Druk’ – and it appears on all kinds of textiles and objects – from ancient Tibetan Carpets to Paintings, in Architecture and murals. To the Tibetans, Druk is a magical creature that lives in the clouds.

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