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Indoor and Outdoor Carpets

Indoor and outdoor carpets Diamond and Others

In order to better integrate indoor and outdoor settings, we offer modern uncomplicated, abstract monochromes that go anywhere in their design while being totally appropriate in their make-up. The outdoor carpets are synthetic, made from recycled polyethylene, in three distinct levels. The lowest level is a weft-faced flatweave, and there are two upper levels of high and still higher pile forming a monochrome horizontal geometric pattern of floating diamonds, zig-zags and solid bands. There are four colorways at present. The synthetic has a wool-like tactility, but, in fact, is made of recycled plastic soda/water bottles.

En suite with this style is a natural wool indoor version with exactly the same patterns and colorways. What you have is basically monochromes in various lighter, clean, crisp palettes. The indoor is wool on a cotton warp while the synthetic uses a non-mildewing synthetic warp. This provides the proper long-term stability even when damp. The wool version lives inside while the synthetic version goes outside. Clearly, the continuity of inside/outside works best in the proper environment. Say southern California, Arizona, north Africa, or any place where the winters are particularly mild, with little rain.  We don’t want the high pile soaking up water like a sponge. Unlike cotton or wool, the synthetic pile does not absorb much water and it dries easily. It is best cleaned with a hose and mild soap/detergent solution. Leave out in the sun to dry. The pile is long, but not shaggy.

Such duality brings the indoors outside and vice versa. They do not have to match in dimensions, but the continuity is enhanced if they do.  The indoor type prefers a pad so as to reduce wrinkling and slipping, while the somewhat stiffer outdoor version can carry on without one. The tri-level character is a recent innovation in the high/low trend.

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