Feeling Like A VIP? - Lavender Oriental Carpets

Feeling Like A VIP?

Bakhtiari Khan Carpet

11.10 by 18.2

Early 20th Century

Feeling like a VIP? Like a person of importance? Maybe this mansion-size antique Persian carpet with a white field and an inscription indicating it was woven in the early 20th century for an oil-rich tribal ruler is for you. The cypresses and vase at the lower end usher one into a spring garden (on your estate?). Out of the vase and from thin flanking plants a verdant array of spring flowers explodes upwards in a directional pattern. Saturated greens yellows reds and blues detail the dense scatter fill of floral devices. The narrow red palmette border and the associated yellow and deep brown minors can scarcely contain the fields energy. The pattern is directional, pointing towards your very comfortable and luxurious seating furniture. With you on it, of course. This is not a minimalist carpet, but an exuberant one, for a buyer with total self- confidence. Tribal pieces are rare in larger sizes, the weave is compact and the condition is very good.

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