Bigger is Better - Lavender Oriental Carpets

Bigger is Better

Aubusson Mansion Size Carpet

19.7 x 48.0

Bigger is better. How big? This 19th century French tapestry weave carpet is an elegant necessity for the grandest of salons. Of course, you  have one. The design is cleverly adapted from 18th century carpets, generally more square in format. The burgundy red retains its original chatoyance and the secondary tones are appropriately mellow. Try it with something not French frou-frou furniture, something hard edged, something heavy metal. It works.

Now this is a special rug! Clearly it was a special commission when new. The room for it must have been 25  x 54  or so. The original owner was almost surely a nobleman or member of the highest French social classes. An enormous ivory central ellipse closely fills the rich wine field with giant arrow corners embracing bouquets and arabesques. The border as on so many Aubusson s resembles a gilt wood picture frame. The carpet is in top condition hardly ever having been used. Of course the space for this magnificent work is rare and not many places with salons of the size required are being built today  but someone somewhere out there needs this carpet.

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