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Are Oriental Rugs Environmentally Friendly?

It’s no secret that preserving the environment is an increasingly high priority in the world today.  We see people everywhere change aspects of their daily lives to reduce their footprint, whether it’s in reusable bags for shopping, solar panels for alternative energy or hybrid vehicles for transportation.  While some changes are larger than others, keeping the environment in mind still makes a difference when making small changes or additions to your life.

So, let’s look at oriental rugs.  Are they environmentally friendly?  A good quality rug, as in one that is woven with hand-spun wool and dyed with plant based dyes, will outlast any machine-made oriental rug as synthetic dyes tend to deteriorate quicker and will even burn easily when exposed to sparks (in particular, say, from a fireplace.)  These oriental rugs are incredibly durable and, due to the natural lanolins in the wool, will also be naturally stain-resistant.  All of these materials used in the creation of oriental rugs are also naturally renewable as the sheep will grow new wool and the plants used to make the dyes will grow new husks, roots, and leaves.

Some oriental carpets are made of recycled materials as well.  In particular, let’s take a close look at Moroccan rugs.  These carpets are 100% eco-friendly as they are woven with a combination of recycled fabrics and old clothing.  The outcome of this process yields a uniquely vibrant rug that is exotic, chic and wonderfully versatile for any interior just as much as it is “green.”

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